Saturday, December 18, 2021

Mishael Porembski is back-Part 1

There have been too many deaths in the past couple of years.   So many have lost their precious loved ones.  I thought it was time to interview Mishael again to encourage us and share tips on dealing with loss.

As a reminder here is her info:

Mishael Porembski turned tragedy into a ministry after she become a widow at the age of 36. She created a ministry titled "180 Your Life."

180 Your Life empowers widows, bereaved women and children to craft a life they love after loss by strengthening body, mind and spirit in active, faith-based small groups. Through retreats, training and mentoring, bereaved women and their families can leverage their loss into leadership by getting strong and helping others.

Her Story:

My name is Mishael Porembski. In 2007, I became a widowed mother. In just five short months, I lost my husband to suicide, gave birth to our second daughter, and lost my mother to breast cancer. Although very depressed, I craved a holistic grief empowerment program that helped younger widows, like myself, and helped our children recover from the losses we experienced. I was tired of asking, “Why did this happen to me?” and wanted to take action, healing my mind, body, and spirit through healthy, wise choices. I asked some widowed friends to join me, and our lives changed dramatically. Not finding a program like this, I developed *180 Your Life* to provide fresh, dynamic support teams to better empower bereaved women and our grieving families. 

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