Saturday, March 26, 2022

Jason Rose Interview

It's all in the family!  A few weeks ago, I aired my interview with Tov Rose and now today I shared an interview with his brother Jason!   Here's some info about Jason:

Jason Rose is the Director of our Greater Tel Aviv Messianic Center. He lives and serves the Lord in Tel Aviv, Israel along with his wife Janice and their five boys. Jason grew up in a Jewish home in Minnesota and became a believer when he was 15 years old through the strong testimony of a family member. Jason served in the U.S. Navy for four years and then went on to receive two degrees: a BA in Jewish Studies from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago (2002) and a Masters Degree in English Language Teaching and Learning (2006) from Liverpool University, England (Tel Aviv campus). In 2002, Jason moved to Israel and began his Masters degree program. He served in a local congregation in many capacities. Due to his strong desire to share the Gospel, in 2005, with the help of many friends, Jason created an outreach called the Gospel Cafe. It was a weekly event with live music, free lattes, and an elegant atmosphere.

In March of 2009, Jason became a full-time staff member with Chosen People Ministries. At that time the Gospel Cafe became a ministry of Chosen People Ministries. Since 2009 dozens of Jewish people have come to know the Lord through our coffee shop outreach. His ministry focuses on outreach, discipleship and education. The vision of Greater Tel Aviv Messianic Center is to provide much needed educational information to the public through classes and courses taught by believers who are professionals in those fields. These environments eliminate some of the cultural barriers to the Gospel and allow us to demonstrate that Jewish believers in Yeshua (Jesus) are actually normal people. Jason is also working with other local Israelis to open a Messianic / Christian school in the Tel Aviv area. Jason and Janice both have a passion for discipling young people and love ministering as a couple. The excellent behavior and good manners of their children have opened many doors to share about Messiah Yeshua (Jesus). As a missionary family they are blessed and honored to serve the Lord among God’s Chosen People in Israel.

Enjoy the music and the interview and Shabbat Shalom!


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