Saturday, September 24, 2022

Helen Weiner Wilson Interview

I used to see Helen every year at the Messiah Conference.  She was always teaching dance classes and was a lot of fun!

We recently reconnected and I was excited to learn more about her.  Here is her story!  Enjoy the music too!

Helen Weiner Wilson grew up with only a vague connection to her Jewish roots. She was raised in Ethical Culture, a humanistic religious movement, and regarded belief in God as unscientific superstition. In college, she met people who led her to question her belief system, and it was only after accepting Messiah Yeshua, that she began to understand the significance of her Jewish identity. She is long-time member of Congregation Beth Yeshua in the Philadelphia area, has served as a leader and teacher in congregational dance, and has choreographed a number of the Messianic dances that are used in congregational worship throughout the world.


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