Saturday, July 1, 2023

Elaine Fawcett Interview

Recently I attended a wonderful Women's Retreat and met some lovely ladies from Rhode Island.   This is the first of three interviews that I did while attending the retreat.

Elaine Fawcett was raised Catholic and in her college years she was interested in science.   She met a scientist who believed in God and seeds were planted.  Years later a co-worker invited her to his church and she went to an Easter service.  Still not interested in Jesus, she felt more drawn to Judaism.  After her grandparents died she found out that she was, in fact, Jewish!  She heard God's voice say "keep the Sabbath!"   Elaine sought out others that keep the Sabbath and found a fellowship in Rhode Island.  She fell in love with it!  Today Elaine is part of Mishkahn David in Rhode Island (Rabbi Brian Samuel) and is deeply in love with Yeshua!

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