Saturday, August 5, 2023

Valerie Long Interview

Valerie grew up in a Baptist family in an Italian Catholic neighborhood.  She invited Yeshua into her heart in the 70s, during the Jesus Revolution.  The Lord helped her through a broken engagement, later she met her Jewish husband Lou in 1985.  They married at a chapel at Brown University in 1988.  In 1998 they got involved in Messianic Judaism after Valerie’s brother sent them some information.  Her husband heard Stan Telchin's testimony about finding the Jewish Jesus and he was very touched.  He agreed to come to a Messianic congregation.  They found one in Massachusetts and later attended Miskan David in Rhode Island (Brian and Sue Samuel).  The Lord began working on both of them, they kept visiting and they were surrounded by love.   During high holidays Lou became a believer in Yeshua!  

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