Saturday, November 18, 2023

Stephen Segal Interview

Stephen grew up in a very Jewish section of Boston was Bar Mitzvah at 13. He attended synagogue but knew nothing of the God of Israel. Stephen’s first occasion to have real Jewish pride was when he had his first work study job during the summer of 67 working with a couple of other Jewish students at Boston State hospital during the 6 day war. The next occasion was around 1970 at Northeastern University when he was approached by an older hip guy who worked with Avi Brickner who told him that God loved him. He was from a missionary Group Israeli's Remnants in Brookline. Later Stephen went to Jews for Jesus in Cambridge. 

He married a Jewish woman from Brookline and after 43 years of marriage she passed away.  He received confirmation that she accepted Yeshua.  

Stephen has a love of Yiddish and would love to be an ambassador to Messianic Congregations and has been a Life Insurance agent for 50 years and is loved and respected by his clients.

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