Saturday, December 9, 2023

Jocelyn and Corey Brown

This sweet couple attend Shema Yisrael Congregation here in Rochester, NY and it was a delight to interview them. 

Jocelyn and Corey Brown, a married couple like so many, both decorate the Christmas tree and light the menorah, raising their Jewish children to develop their spirituality within the Messianic culture. Jocelyn was brought up in a secular Humanist Jewish family. Corey’s aunt and grandmother were the only ones to expose him to the Christian teachings of the bible as a child. Now raising a family of their own have blended their backgrounds to accept Yeshua into their household as their guiding light.

When the world became unexpectedly challenging during the 2020 lockdowns, the Browns strengthened their faith in God as they discovered you cannot have liberty without proper moral governance, a virtue rooted in their American heritage. With faith and freedom deeply intertwined, the Browns held the belief that Messianic Judaism would provide a remedy to the new restrictive environment humanity would have to endure.  

Together they created American Seekers Academy, a Classical based homeschool co-op for ages K through 12. In this interview, we discussed their faith and their exciting education program. For more info go to

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