Saturday, June 29, 2024

Ted Gordon Interview

Ted came to faith in Messiah during his college years. He was raised with a Jewish father and Thai mother. Ted didn’t get a Bar Mitzvah nor did his family attend temple on Shabbat or High Holy Days. Although Ted’s father married his mother with no intention to have her convert to Judaism, his parents decided to raise him and his brother Jewish anyway. The only thing that identified him as Jewish throughout his childhood and teenage years was celebrating Chanukah for the sake of presents. Ted came to faith in the Messiah with no knowledge of Judaism. Upon coming to Yeshua, he became very zealous for God and gained a deep hunger to learn about the Word of God and Torah, and about his roots. Over the years, as he grew in the grace and knowledge of God, he picked up more of a Jewish education than he did being born and raised Jewish. To this day Ted still continues to learn and grow in Him. 

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