Sunday, July 14, 2013

Marlaine Eberhart Interview

Today's program was hosted by my good friend Scott Cassity.   He played some great music and aired a previously recorded interview I did with Marlaine Eberhart.  Marlaine was raised in a Jewish home and became a believer at 19 years old and Raphael discovered his Hebrew heritiage in 2008. They met at a Messianic Congregation during Chanukah of 2010 and were married during the Succot season, October 2011. They were both in ministry separately. Now unified in marriage they want G-d to receive all the glory in their ministry. The Eberharts have a Torah Study twice a month, every 3rd and 4th Friday of the month starting at 7:00 p.m. at 2827 Galleria Drive Arlington TX 76011. They go all over the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex to serve. God uses them to breathe life into people and lead them to become what God intended them to be. According to God's leading they will give away shofars, bibles and other need based things.
These are the services that they provide:
Raphael specializes in Shofar cleaning and anointing directed by G-d. He also teaches proper usage of the Shofar and Anointing Oils.

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