Saturday, July 27, 2013

Heather Levine Interview

Heather grew up in New York City and was raised as a Reformed Jew. She always knew God and somehow felt that God was missing in her life at Temple.  For a couple of years during her teens Heather felt that she had lost touch with God. As she made her way through the world it seemed that her connection with God as a young child slowly changed. By the time Heather was in her mid twenties God was a distant memory. He was just high in the sky and "the universe" as they call it in New age traditions today. She had some depression, anxiety and really lost touch with God and any higher power for that matter. Heather's world became very small and she got very sick in her late 20's from a
mysterious disease. The doctors couldn't cure her. Then she met a Christian man who took her to church and that was the first time where she really knew that she was in the right place. The sermon that day was just what Heather needed to hear and that night she got down on her floor and asked Jesus to reveal Himself and help her with her illness. Months later she recovered and now she is so grateful and hasa close relationship with Yeshua.

Heather currently resides in Los Angeles where she works as a Human Resources Manager.  She currently attends Ruach LA in Los Angeles and plans to open a natural rehabilitation center for people with autoimmune diseases in Malibu.

Features the songs of Craig Taubman, Beckah Shae, Debbie Chernoff, Joshua Aaron and Carlos Perdomo.

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