Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kerah Oliverira Interview

What a joy to speak with Kerah Oliveira at the Beth Zion's Women's Retreat on February 7.  
Kerah has been helping lead worship since she was nine, as well as a contributing member of her family's band, Zemer Levav. Her first performance on stage was when she was 13. The band has averaged at least two concerts a week for the past ten years. She has been performing her own material for the past nine. Kerah is in the process of compiling her debut solo album. Her sound is rooted in folk with some alternative and indie influences. Subject wise, the material is all based on life experiences, and her faith in God is one of her biggest and most consistent inspirations for writing, playing and sharing music.
"I just want to take people on a journey through the good and bad things I've experienced in life, and share about the love Yeshua has shown me again and again through every situation," she says on her website. "All the music I share is to bring glory to God and magnify His creativity."

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