Sunday, April 7, 2013

Barbara Kupferberg Interview

I met Barbara at a Women's Retreat in February of this year.   She's a delightful woman who has amazing faith.  Barbara was raised by an Italian mother and an Ashkenazi Jewish father, who immigrated from Eastern Europe in the early 1900's. Her faith began to develop at the age of eight after being healed from cancer through Yeshua.   She was conflicted on how to reconcile her faith in Yeshua while keeping her Jewishness; as far as she knew there was no Messianic Judaism.  She recommitted herself to Yeshua at the age of twenty in 1982 at which point she realized that she could live as His earliest followers did as a Messianic Jew.   About five years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer and fought it aggressively.   Barbara walks in total healing and victory in Yeshua!   Her positive attitude is contagious!   You'll enjoy this interview and music from Greg Silverman, Paul Wilbur, Ted Pearce and Zemer Levav.

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