Saturday, July 9, 2022

Ed Zagofsky

It was wonderful to reconnect with Ed Zagofsky!  It's been over 20 years since we last spoke.  His family is very dear to me, they welcomed us when my family first moved to New York City back in 1989.

Born and raised in NYC, Ed came from a Jewish family.  The family was not religious but had a lot of Jewish pride.  Ed attended Hebrew school for 5 years in preparation for his Bar Mitzvah.  

When he turned 15, Ed began doing drugs and became involved in anti-war demonstrations.  He was encouraged to apply for a baseball scholarship, but instead he began to sell drugs and became a major distributor. 

Ed met his wife Nirit in the Catskill Mountains.  They married in 1975 and lived in Rego Park, NY.   After their 1st two daughters were born he lost his business and began driving a taxi.  His wife was attending a beach club in Atlantic City. 

One day a lifeguard at the beach approached Nirit, shared the Gospel, and gave her a New Testament.  She had an experience at Atlantic Beach and accepted Yeshua into her heart. 

Ed noticed a big change in the way she dressed and discovered Christian music playing in the house. 

When she shared her experience with Ed, he thought about leaving the family.   But after hearing her full testimony, he realized that everything he was looking for was in Yeshua.  He began to cry in the street and didn't know why.  He knew she had found something that he needed.

After Nirit prayed for him, his desire for drugs, drinking and smoking was gone.   In an instant, the Lord took it all from him.  Ed gave his heart to the Lord and  started sharing with people as he chauffeured them. 

The Zagofskys felt the Lord wanted them to go to Israel.  They sold all they owned within 3  months and in March, 1992 they moved to Israel.   He is semi-retired and loving life.  

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