Saturday, March 9, 2024

Ted VanLandeghem Interview

Here’s some info about my interesting guest:

A Believer in Jesus, who grew up in Arnold Missouri, Ted VanLandeghem is the CEO & Founder of TheReadyBag.Com /Goshen Kingdom Solutions/Kingdom Tactical Advisors which seeks to provide emergency preparedness training, community, solutions & tools to the body of Christ. Ted also serves as a speaker for Ancient Hebrew Scroll Project. The Scroll Project is the only complete set of Old Testament Manuscripts in Ancient Scroll form in the world that can be viewed by the public. Currently, there are only 5 known complete sets. Learn more: Ted has spoken at over 400 churches, schools, conferences and synagogues worldwide. Ted served on the executive leadership team of Christian Halls International as the Assistant to the President ( and formerly served as the US Spokesman & Director of Partner Relations at MAOZ Israel Ministries in Jerusalem Israel.  

Ted lives in Texas with his wife and their 6 children, 2 sons-in-laws & 4 Grand-children.

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