Saturday, March 16, 2024

Phillip Cohen Interview

Phillip Cohen describes growing up Jewish in a strongly anti-Semitic culture and what it’s like “crossing the line” to giving his life to Jesus.  It has been a long journey that is not over yet.

Crushed by a violent, anti-Semitic world and a troubled alcoholic father, Phillip Cohen begins searching early in life for healing and love. He grew up in inner-city Chicago, Atlanta, and Miami before wandering around in three countries, searching for a life that matters

This long, difficult yet amazing journey continues through hippie communes and ultraconservative Anabaptist church. He runs to mainstream Christianity but doesn’t seem to fit anywhere.  Despite his efforts to find God, Phillip often finds himself in unanticipated places where God’s presence. Eventually he finds His Messiah. 

Today Phillip works with individuals and businesses bridging the work life and personal life into a God-Centered life and building success in a God-centered business.  He is the founder of Healthy Leaders, a coaching ministry that helps struggling business owners build strong, cohesive leadership teams with God in the center.

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