Saturday, March 2, 2024

Faith Crowley Interview

Faith has enjoyed worshiping the Lord in Messianic Judaism for 45 years, though she is not Jewish. She first realized the Lord’s love for her when she was 19 years old.  The Lord brought her to Congregation Beth Yeshua in Philly, in 1978, and she was blessed to worship under the loving care of her shepherd at that time, Martin Chernoff with his wife, Yohanna Naomi Chernoff. And now, almost 76 years old, Faith is blessed to be under the shepherding of their son, Rabbi David Chernoff and his wife, Debbie. She has worked at the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America for 36 years, and is so thankful that the Lord has provided the opportunity to serve Him there all of these years with Joel Chernoff and the rest of the Beth Yeshua staff.  Faith is married to David Crowley. They are parents of two sons and have eleven grandchildren.

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